Undergraduate Specialization

Medieval Literature Specialization

In conjunction with the interdisciplinary Medieval Studies Program, the Undergraduate Specialization in medieval literature of the British Isles 500-1500 encourages students to take courses on a wide range of topics throughout this broad historical span, such as Beowulf, Literature of Chivalry, and Chaucer, as well as to engage with literatures in languages other than English.

Students who complete any four (4) upper division elective courses devoted to the medieval period will satisfy the specialization requirement. 

Please note that English 101 will not count toward the specialization, as it is required for the English major.

A senior seminar, English 197, in medieval literature is advisable, but not mandatory.

English Department Courses that Qualify as Medieval Literatures Specialization electives:

  • English 110A: Introduction to Old English
  • English 110B: Beowulf
  • English 110C: Topics in Old English Literature
  • English 111: The History of the English Language
  • English 115: Medieval Literature
  • English 116A: Biblical Literature: The Old Testament
  • English 116B: Biblical Literature: The New Testament
  • English 119X/French 153A: Medieval Literature in Translation
  • English 152A: Chaucer: The Canterbury Tales
  • English 152B: Chaucer: Troilus and Criseyde and Minor Poems
  • English 156: Literature of Chivalry
  • English 197: Senior Seminar – as applicable